Spoil Yourself With A Learning Vacation
... And Bring Some Holiday Magic Home

Want something more out of your vacation
than just a collection of photos
and some happy memories?

What if you could learn something new and exciting on your
next vacation that you could keep forever? Wouldn't that
be like bringing your vacation home?

Experienced travelers search for something out of the ordinary. Sightseeing is fun but there's more to life than just looking at it from the outside. We want to be engaged, involved. We want to interact with the people and cultures we're visiting, to jump right in and invest some of ourselves in our experiences away from home.

Maybe you're ready for a different kind of vacation...

You can find all kinds of vacation packages and destinations that cater for the more discerning traveler. Whether you're a dynamic person who loves physical activity, a more cerebral personality who appreciates beauty and creativity, or a contemplative soul who enjoys connecting with nature (or perhaps a combination of the three), you'll find a range of vacations, holidays and getaways that are just what the doctor ordered.

Here are some of the activities you can enjoy in our learning vacation packages:

Are you an adventurer?

surfing vacation Have you tried...
  • scuba diving
  • hang gliding
  • parasailing
  • rock climbing
  • surfing
  • windsurfing
  • skiing
  • sailing

Are you an artist or a creative person?

art vacationDo you love...
  • art treasures
  • painting
  • drawing or sketching
  • sculpting
  • pottery
  • writing
  • poetry
  • creative cooking

Are you a seeker of knowledge and truth?

spiritual vacationWould you love to explore...
  • history
  • personal development
  • spiritual journeys
  • eco-tourism
  • nature vacations
  • whale watching
  • swimming with dolphins
  • time out getaways

There are vacation destinations catering to every kind of interest. And the choices are literally endless.

How to get there and where to stay...

When you set off on one of these life enhancing vacations, you'll want to spend as little of your vacation budget on the essentials such as airfares and lodging, so you'll have more to spend on the real purpose of your trip.

We've researched the best providers of low-cost airfares and accommodation to help make that possible. You'll find those sites listed on our Travel Resources pages.

Taking the stress out of traveling

The last thing you need to do on your trip is worry about extraneous things like getting sick, losing tickets or luggage, or leaving behind an essential item. You want to feel free to give your full attention to having a great experience.

You'll find tips and suggestions for having a smooth vacation on our Travel Tips page.

So pour a cup of your favorite beverage, grab a notepad and pencil, and browse the site. And feel free to contact us with comments or suggestions.